Our Mission

  • Letting the dream come true that Egyptians will rally around to simultaneously help economic and social fronts via using existing abundant resource.
  • Help inspiring Egyptians to be more proactive.
  • Enabling active partnerships across sectors.

The Founders

The founders of Yalla Shams are:

  • Ahmed Moussa

  • Tarek Hatem

  • Heba Selim

An Initiative For Egypt

Yalla Shams is a national initiative created for EGYPT by a group of:

  • Patriotic individuals
  • Private Companies in Solar Energy Field
  • Educational institutions
  • NGO’s
  • With the support of Government bodies
with the desire to contribute to be part of the solution to Egypt’s challenges

Overcoming Egypt’s Energy Gap

with proactive efforts of individuals, companies across sectors and government support

Inspire a snow ball effect in switching to solar energy proactively by individuals and private sector aiming at both economic and social impact.

Start collaborative efforts across sectors to encourage medium and high income bracket individuals and companies to switch to solar energy so as to fill 20% of the 15% gap of energy needs within the next two years via proactive efforts and government support and contribute 2% to provide solar energy to villages with no access to electricity.